LuminosityLink users under investigation by the FBI?
Google users reporting emails from Google Legal Investigations following a legal process issued by the FBI with case number NO. 2017R00039-037, 5:18-MJ-14-EBA from

Many people have received emails from Google advising that the FBI has served legal process for the user's account, and Google is now notifying the user of that process.

Federal legal processes may often be accompanied by a non-disclosure order, requiring the receiving party, in this case being Google, to keep any information about the order silent for a year. When that order expires, the company is free to disclose the existence of the order.


Dear Google user,

Google received and responded to legal process issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Eastern District of Kentucky) compelling the release of information related to your Google account. A court order previously prohibited Google from notifying you of the legal process. We are now permitted to disclose the receipt of the legal process to you. The agency reference number or case number on the legal process is NO. 2017R00039-037, 5:18-MJ-14-EBA.

For more information about how Google handles legal process, view our transparency report at

Google is not in a position to provide you with legal advice or discuss the substance of the legal process. If you have other questions regarding this matter, you may wish to contact an attorney.

Please reply to this email and/or include the case identification number located in the subject line in any further communications regarding this matter. 

Legal Investigations Support
Google LLC

Many users who bought a "RAT" software called LuminosityLink have reported receiving this email. Whether or not the FBI is still undergoing an active investigation is still unknown.

More details to follow...



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