Paid to Invite: Earn An 80% Monthly Commission Through
Ever wondered how to make money online? pays a monthly commission for every user you invite.

The advent of Internet has opened various doors for people to start making money. However, not all of these doors are reliable.

While there are some places that can definitely help you earn money, there are others that are a total scam.

Having said this, we come to the fact that if there is so much fraud in the online money making business, how would you know where to go and how to get started?

Earning Money Online

If you are looking for a reliable way of earning a passive income online, is the place to go. has evolved as a high level advertising platform that permits members to advertise their websites or links to other users online.

Now you might be wondering what has making money online got to do with an advertising platform.

Well, here’s the truth: has a large base of users who already use it as a platform to advertise their products and links. The people you invite, therefore, to, would always be interested in joining a company with such a large base.

But… what’s in it for you?

Invitize is willing to pay large sums of money as a monthly commission for every invite.  

What makes it different is that it is a platform that is already being used by many across the globe. So, people would naturally be attracted to joining such a site. You could act or take on the role of a bridge by encouraging people to use the site and you, with that, will earn money in return.

It’s simple and there are no scams involved. started out as a place for advertising banner ads. However, the site is evolving and will introduce more measures of advertising such as automated traffic exchange and others very soon. This will further add to its credibility.

What Makes So Different?

There’s not one thing that makes different but so many.

First, this place focuses on providing you with the highest benefits for referring people to the site. You give them customers, they give you a monthly commission.

The website is currently paying up to 80% of each user monthly membership fees. The membership may very, yes, but you get the monthly commission based on the price of every membership. has no margin for scams. It has a very simple business model.

Many people might be wondering as to why, if this website was ‘so good’, why does it need others to bring them more customers?

Here’s the thing: is trying to ensure that people get to their favorite advertising banner ads place, which is itself, quickly. This means it is encouraging people to bring them customers and in return, rewarding them for their efforts of doing so.

Their motto is one and it’s a simple one: We encourage you to believe; we give you a reason to believe!

Conclusively, is trying to make things attractive for its users and money-making enthusiasts by paying them a monthly commission for every referral. Their only goal is to make the website more popular and introduce people to a service and platform that they can effectively use for their advertising and marketing needs.

As a user of, I didn’t have any problems getting referrals because people were naturally interested as I told them what the site was about. Many people are signing up there today and this is your chance too. As you join and ask other people to join too, you get up to 80% of every referral. Can it get better than this?

Try and experience money making magic today.

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